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The high-performance insulation material JACKODUR® Plus is made of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS). It features outstanding insulation characteristics with λD = 0.027 W/(m•K), thereby promoting sustainable and energy-efficient building design


Applications for Use (Versatility)


• Thermal protection inverted flat roofs and balcony terraces
• Thermal protection in the systems of green roofs
• Thermal bridging applications
• Thermal protection of basement walls (perimeter insulation externally before back fill)
• Structural insulation for shop, warehouse, car showroom and industrial floorings
• Thermal protection of swimming pools
• Thermal protection of base plates
• Frost protection of roads, bridges and railways


Key Points


• Jackodur is fully CE certified. The λ−values and R−values detailed below are quoted in accordance with the EN 13164:(Thermal insulation products for buildings – Factory made products of extruded polystyrene (XPS) – Specification)
• Reusable in many applications
• Resists moisture infiltration and condensation
• Reduce heat loss or gain
• Excellent freeze-thaw resistance
• Easy to handle, cut and install
• Lightweight


Jackodur Advantages


• Wide range of thicknesses available in single sheet form
• Reduced on-site installation times compared to multilayer systems
• Excellent Permanent Compressive strength, creep (50 years, compression ,2%) in accordance with EN1606
• Jackodur PLUS holds an EPD Cert (Environmental Product Declaration)
• Jackodur PLUS holds a BREEAM Cert
• Jackodur PLUS is an ideal product for projects building towards LEED v4 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) NZED (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings by December 2020)
• Jackodur PLUS Offers the best lambda Value available for an Extruded Insulation in single sheet across its range (0.027W/mK). Up to 25% less insulation thickness required.
• Fast lead times (Ireland & UK)

JACKODUR® Plus 300 Standard

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