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Eurospec are proud distributors of Jackon Insulation in Ireland & UK.

JACKON XPS solutions are just the thing for tough, real-world conditions, e.g. where first-class insulation efficiency is required, heavy moisture loading prevails, and the material must withstand extremely high stress.

JACKODUR® KF (climate-friendly) is a high-quality thermal insulation made of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) according to EN 13164. It has good compressive strength, is dimensionally stable, does not react to moisture, and is rot-resistant. These properties make JACKODUR® KF suitable for use in many different construction applications. (Available in 300 kPa, 500 Kpa and 700 kPa)

JACKODUR® Plus is made of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS). It features outstanding insulation characteristics with λD = 0.027 W/(m•K), thereby promoting sustainable and energy-efficient building design. This is the highest performing XPS insulant available on the market.

Jackodur: Applications for Use

  • Thermal protection inverted flat roofs and balcony terraces

  • Thermal protection in the systems of green roofs

  • Thermal bridging applications

  • Thermal protection of basement walls (perimeter insulation externally before back fill)

  • Structural insulation for shop, warehouse, car showroom and industrial floorings

  • Thermal protection of swimming pools

  • Thermal protection of base plates

  • Frost protection of roads, bridges and railways


Jackodur: Key Points

  • Jackodur is fully CE certified. The λ−values and R−values detailed below are quoted in accordance with the EN 13164:(Thermal insulation products for buildings – Factory made products of extruded polystyrene (XPS) – Specification)

  • Available with ranges of compressive strength and long-term durability. (300 kPa – 700kpa TEST DATA: EN826, Compressive stress at 10% deformation or compressive strength)

  • Reusable in many applications

  • Resists moisture infiltration and condensation

  • Reduce heat loss or gain

  • Excellent freeze-thaw resistance

  • Easy to handle, cut and install

  • Lightweight

Jackodur Advantages

  • Wide range of thicknesses available in single sheet form (30mm – 320mm)

  • Reduced on-site installation times compared to multilayer systems

  • Excellent Permanent Compressive strength, creep (50 years, compression ,2%) in accordance with EN1606

  • Jackodur PLUS holds BREEAM Certification

  • Jackodur holds EPD’s (Environmental Product Declaration) for both the KF and PLUS

This makes it an ideal product for projects building towards LEED v4 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) NZED (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings by December 2020)

  • Jackodur PLUS Offers the best lambda Value available for an Extruded Insulation in single sheet across its range (0.027W/mK). This allows for up to 25% less insulation compared to other XPS insulations.

  • Fast lead times (Ireland & UK)

Jackodur Applications

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Jackodur Atlas Floor Slab Insulation with formwork


Thermomur Insulating Formwork


Inverted Roof

Perimeter Ins

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