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Wraptite combines the best properties of a vapour permeable membrane and an air barrier in one innovative, affordable self-adhering product.

It fully bonds (without mechanical attachment) to almost any substrate for air tightness and ease of installation, requiring minimal use of sealants or tapes.

The Wraptite air barrier prevents lateral air movement enhancing the building’s thermal performance. Wraptite-SA provides a high vapour permeability in a commercial quality, self-adhered, air barrier breather membrane.


Key features:

  • No primer required.
  • Tough facer laminate resists punctures and tears.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Compatible with multiple substrates, including gypsum, rigid insulation, OSB, concrete, steel, aluminium.



  • Manufactured rolled goods ensure consistent properties and performance.
  • Wide service temperature range, easily installed in all climates.
  • Sustainable up to 6 weeks of UV and climate exposure.
  • Tear, rip and puncture resistant during and after construction, reducing labour costs


Wraptite Accessories and related products 

Wraptite Tape – Air tightness tape, tear resistant with high vapour permeability for internal and external applications. Fully bonds to all standard substrates.

Wraptite FZ- Wraptite-FZ is a vapour permeable air barrier membrane for use at floor junctions.It is durable, flexible and lightweight, and offers temporary protection against wind driven rain, snowand dust.


Wraptite LF – Wraptite Liquid Flashing (LF) is a high-quality, gunable, low-odour, elastomeric,polyether, liquid-applied flashing and detailing membrane.

Wraptite Corners – Wraptite Preformed Airtight Corners have been developed for the difficult areas around doors and windows where maintaining good air barrier continuity is difficult and time consuming.


Wraptite Brochure

Proctor Wraptite External Air Tightness Barrier

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