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ROCKWOOL FLEXI® is a multi-use, dual purpose thermal and acoustic insulation product with a unique flexible edge along one side. The patented flexible edge ensures a perfect fit is maintained between the product and its supporting framework for easy installation and optimum effectiveness.

  • Patented ‘Flexi’ edge offers accurate fit to all widths
  • Will not slump, even if studs shrink
  • Fits all typical metal and timber frame spacing
  • Excellent thermal, acoustic and fire properties
  • Non-combustible (Euroclass A1)
  • Fast and easy to handle and install

Thermal Conductivity:

0.038W/mK: 50mm – 120mm

0.035 W/mK: 140mm – 200mm


Rockwool Flexi Application Guide


  • Features

    Acoustic, Water Repellent

    Fire Performance

    Euroclass A1 Non-Combustible


    Mineral Wool

    Thickness Availability (mm)

    50, 60, 70, 90, 100, 120, 140, 180

    Thermal conductivity W/(m·K)

    0.035, 0.038

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