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Safe-R Soffit Plus SR/STP provides effective thermal and fire performance solutions in structural ceiling applications in commercial and residential buildings.

The high performance phenolic insulation board, with low emissivity textured
aluminium foil facings, is bonded to impact resistant 6mm building panel
which offers a secure finish for ease of maintenance to which a decorative
finish may be applied.

Safe-R is a superior performance phenolic insulation with an enhanced fire classification. It is faced with low emissivity foil facings on both sides and has a Lambda value as Low as 0.020 W/mK.


Key Points

-Superior Performance Phenolic Insulation
-Euroclass B fire classification
-Reduced Thermal Bridging
-Low lambda values (as Low as 0.020 W/mK)
-Accepts Decorative Finish


Brochure – SR/STP

Xtratherm SR/STP Soffit Insulation

  • Application

    Basement, Car Parks, Soffit

    Fire Performance

    Euroclass B



    Thermal conductivity W/(m·K)


    Thickness Availability (mm)

    56, 66, 81, 86, 106

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